Friday, March 6, 2015

Retro Review - Gravity

The plot of this film can be summarised into a couple of sentences.

In between each sentence is a lot of space.

But i guess that is the point.

It's just like being up there in space all alone.

Being trapped up there with little hope of return.

Maybe it is reflective of the fear of being buried alive.

Or stuck in a theatre watching a painful movie.

Whatever the case, I think Sandra Bullock did a wonderful job as the astronaut here, and her story was one of inspiring growth and overcoming helplessness and hopelessness.

Oh and it's also a good lesson that Russians always screw up everything and that Chinese are of little help.

The book is better, well... if only there was a book.

Bechdel Test: I'm not sure. Does talking to a female mission control operator over the radio count? Whatever the case, I don't think this movie is male centric (George Clooney doesn't grow as a character), so I'll count it as a pass.

No. of films seen this year with:
     White man saving the world - 3
     Non-white/male protagonist - 6

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