Monday, April 13, 2015

Something Weird Happened on Tinder

We've seen the horrible ways that women get insulted and abused by guys on the dating app Tinder, even if they reject a guy very nicely. Some genius decided to give the guys a taste of their own medicine. 

This person hacked the system to make guys who express interest in the same girl (by swiping right) end up chatting with each other, thinking that they were talking to that girl.

The results were surprising in two counts.

The first was that most of the guys were absolutely oblivious to the fact that they were talking to a guy, even when the other party said things that were obvious indicators of their gender.

Application to be future ex wife? It seems guys don't really listen to everything a "girl" is saying.

Secondly, and this is something no one else had pointed out yet, I'm really surprised that in all the chat screenshots posted there was no fighting going on. Especially with the crude remarks flying around.

This is really unexpected given that guys were almost always the ones being abusive on Tinder. The idea of setting up two ego-filled men sounded like a nuclear disaster waiting to happen, but nothing blew up.

(In fact some even became friends after the truth was revealed)

But why was this the case? I came here just to read the comments, but my faith in humanity got restored?

I think the thing that got most of these conversations started on such a good note was a guy thinking a girl had complimented him. From that point on he was hooked. Here was a "girl" who was forward, very generous with the complements, and responsive to their advances (even the inappropriate ones).

Maybe there's some truth to the saying that men want a girl who has the personality of their best bro friend.

Or maybe guys are only able to listening out for signs that their date is interested in them and not anything more nuanced.

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