Friday, July 17, 2015


I didn't really like this one.

On the plus side, it had a nice, personal, heartwarming story of redemption, rather than some grand scale saving of the world/universe.

On the down side, it was no different from any other average blockbuster release.

I have 2 gripes with this movie.

The first was that while it's okay as a blockbuster, this is a Marvel movie. There's quite a lot of expectation and anticipation in Marvel films, so when this one turned out just okay it felt underwhelming. And the plot holes ah... Seriously how could the villain ever believe that the good guy's daughter was on his side?

The second thing is that the cinema I was in hardly laughed during this movie. I don't know why the humour didn't get across to this full-house theatre but I felt really weird being the only one laughing aloud after a while.

So the experience wasn't great. Maybe it was my cinema. My sister enjoyed the movie elsewhere. But yeah, I didn't.

If you're not watching it for the cameos you will be disappointed.

Bechdel Test: Failed.

No. of films seen this year with:
   White man saving the world - 11
   Non-white/male protagonist - 11

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